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Our work with trees is not just remedial work, we are often contracted to undertake planting for tree, shrub and herbaceous schemes or to work with landscape architects on integrated projects.

Our services range from street tree planting for local authorities to the creation of new native woodlands for private clients. We are also able to use the same care and expertise in advising individual clients who may require a single specimen tree for their garden.

Because of our extremely wide range of experience and training, we are able to provide for our corporate and private clients:

  • Effective management of any size of project from small individual plantings to large scale schemes - from the initial concept stage, through design and planning to implementation and completion
  • Access to our vast experience in selecting tree species and types for specific locations and purposes
  • The ability to supply trees of any size from small transplants to semi-mature
  • The ability to plant trees of any size in any location with our specialised all-terrain vehicles and lifting equipment which enable us to handle large trees with ease and safety - we have supplied and planted trees in excess of 8 metres in height

Planting is a crucial stage in any tree’s life and we believe that it is immensely important that care and consideration is taken in this process. Whether it is woodland, copse or specimen planting, we always consider and advise our clients on:

  • The right tree for the right location - selection of the right species, form and size as trees grow to many different sizes and some will require more space than others 
  • Reasons for - such as amenity, fruit, shelter, screening or resource
  • Matching the correct tree to the site conditions
  • Use of native or ornamental species
  • Care prior to planting
  • Planting methods and support systems
  • Appropriate weed control
  • Aftercare, maintenance and watering
  • Formative pruning
  • Use of mulch, soil amendments and fertilisers
  • Future management requirements
Garden Designs

Our planting services don’t simply relate to trees:

  • We supply and plant hedging from small one foot plants to an instant hedge of up to four metres plus in height
  • Our range of horticultural skills and training also enable us to be involved in ornamental shrub and herbaceous planting schemes
  • We can offer you our expertise and advice to help you design, implement and maintain your own planting and landscape projects
  • We are experienced in working with landscape architects and designers to implement their schemes for clients

Contact us for more information or to discuss your ideas, we will be happy to make a site visit at no charge and give you a free quotation.

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